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Welcome to RIVA international,

We are a German company based in Hochdorf near Stuttgart.

RIVA international worldwide

RIVA international is a global trading company.

Our main business lies in the import of goods of all kinds from the Asian continent.

RIVA international's special focus in the import business lies in direct and indirect import.

With direct import, we sell the imported goods directly to the end consumer via our own sales channels.

Indirect import means that a German company commissions us to import the goods it requires. Import transactions are arranged between RIVA international and the foreign exporter/manufacturer.
RIVA international then sells the imported goods ordered in its own name and on its own account to the German company.

Indirect import is for reasons of cost useful to industrial and trading companies - it can even be essential if imported goods are required at irregular intervals or in small quantities. Many German small and medium-sized enterprises can permanently improve their profitability by buying low-price imported goods.

A further focal point of the activities of RIVA international is the export of goods both to third countries (countries which are not members of the European Union (EU)) and member states of the European Union itself.

RIVA Consulting will offer you advice and support in the procurement of import or export transactions.
We broker transactions in the name of and on account of third parties on a commission basis.

In recent years, we have been continuously expanding our product range and manufacturing partner networks in order to ensure that we can rise to the challenges of the times.

We offer our customers numerous products of different kinds at low prices; production to suit customer requirements; containerised import and export directly ex works; and free-domicile or ex-stock service, either in containers or on pallets.

You too can benefit from our experience: why not reduce your costs and improve your productivity?

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